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Advice On Kissing Based On Science

There as many kinds of kisses as there are types of people.

One scientific fact most people do not know is that our lips include what’s called “erectile tissue”. Yes, the same type of tissue that causes penises, clitorises, and nipples to enlarge by swelling with blood. That’s why they’re included in what’s called our “erogenous zones”, the parts of the body which when stimulated generate erotic feelings.

That’s also why women with fuller lips are usually considered more attractive than women with thinner lips, and why men with fuller lips are often seen as feminine-looking. It’s also why the most common lipstick color is red – it makes the lips look like they’re filed with blood, like blushing skin.

This swelling is not helped by intense pressure, rather by a sort of brushing stimulation just like the other erogenous zones. Do you want your genitals or nipples squashed? No, of course not. Therefore, when initiating an erotic kiss, don’t try to mash your faces together. Instead just stroke your lips against the other person’s and when they feel warmer you know they’re stimulated. Proceed with a little sliding around to enhance it, maintaining a fairly constant pressure. Then you can get to the mashing part. Just don’t overdo it. ;>)

My advice, based on simple anatomy, is to vary your kiss as much as possible so as to stimulate the maximum number of nerve endings as possible. Also, don’t forget about what you do with your hands while you are engaged in said kiss. Depending on the circumstances, they could be massaging any part of her body that is appropriate for the mood. And remember, practice makes perfect…

Also, remember that ritual social kissing is not supposed to be erotic. When you kiss your grandmother, don’t slide your lips around.

The information here is purely for entertainment purposes. No "sex tourism" or "sex travel" promotion is expressed or implied. Any opinion expressed is purely that of the author.