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My Boss Will Promote Me Only If I Sleep With Her

She is very hot but my conscience is not allowing me.

If you’re both single and she is hot and wants to have sex with you, I’d do it of course. Win win in my book. You get laid, she gets laid, you get paid more.

Of course, terrible things can go wrong as a result of this when she tires of you, but since she already is willing to try to coerce you into having sex with her (when you’d probably do it she just came by and said — “hey, wanna screw tonight? no strings attached!”) then she is not a stable supervisor and your job is in jeopardy anyway.

So, what I’d do is:

  1. Sleep with her
  2. Immediately start floating around my resume with that new promoted title on it
  3. Try to get that new job asap
  4. Maybe even get to keep having great sex with someone who isn’t going to get all emotional – and “I want commitment” like on you.

Obviously, if she’s made it clear in no uncertain terms that she’ll promote you in exchange for sex, that’s immoral, probably illegal (depending where you’re from), and almost assuredly against company policy.

Her status is irrelevant. She’s your boss so what! If you’ll feel morally disgusted afterwards then obviously it’s not a good a decision.

But, remember the cards are in your hand. You make the decisions. Obviously you should be thinking with your brain, but your dick is very powerful and she is a hot woman.

She’s hot, you’re both single, AND you’re getting a promotion out of it?

The information here is purely for entertainment purposes. No "sex tourism" or "sex travel" promotion is expressed or implied. Any opinion expressed is purely that of the author.

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