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Advice For My Younger Self

What Advice About Sex Would An Older Man (50+) Give To A Younger (-30) Man?

Above all, don’t be in a hurry to settle down and get married. Long-term relationships are fine but don’t be pressured into marriage. It may affect your sex life (this question is about sex, right?) for the worse. Unfortunately, many, both women and men, feel like they don’t need to put in any effort once they are married.

Play the field and try lots of different partners. You can learn a lot. As a younger man, you should be dating older, more experienced partners who are not shy and freely tell you how they like sex. Young partners, like you, have less experience and tend to expect you to take the lead.

Don’t be shy about asking your partners how they like sex. When you get older you will eventually switch to younger partners and you can pass on your learning.

Try to become an expert in giving pleasure. Place their pleasure before yours. Make sure your partner is always satisfied before you finish. Most younger men will take the attitude the first is mine, the rest are for her. There is often a much deeper satisfaction in giving pleasure than receiving it.

Holidays Are Over, Road Closures Are Back

Learn to listen. Some women will tell you want they want, many do not.  Learn both the verbal communication and the physical communication.

Porn is not real life. Learning from porn can only lead to frustrated sessions or unmet expectations.

Become a master at oral sex. Avoid the “I do you, you do me”. Many younger women have a hard time having an orgasm via vaginal sex. Women need to be stimulated, not rushed.

Take your time, don’t be pushy. Best is to lead your partner rather than “if you love me you would…”. Don’t be “that” guy, younger women tend to enjoy sex with older men for this reason, they get tired of being bullied into doing things they not really comfortable with, especially is pressured. Let her decide, taking your lead. You will be a welcome change from all the other young men.

Don’t confuse “dirty talk” with being crude. There is not need for crude. Women enjoy porn as much as men, but their experience is quite different. Learn from what she likes and determine the fine line between crude and gross and what turns her on.

Masturbate. Masturbate even more. Seriously. Masturbation can teach you control. And control is important. Finishing first is not the goal, you will get yours, most women will want to leave you satisfied. But satisfy her first. Practice (through masturbation) bringing yourself to the brink and stop. Back off, repeat. Learn to walk that line.

Protection, use it. Wear a condom. Don’t even fool yourself into thinking or believing your partner that she can’t get pregnant or is taking a contraceptive.

Don’t be a jealous guy. Demonstrate a certain level of jealousy to let her know you care, but overdoing it will kill the relationship.

As life goes on, things change. Adapt and accept the changes, both physical and mental. Respect your partner, respect yourself.


The information here is purely for entertainment purposes. No "sex tourism" or "sex travel" promotion is expressed or implied. Any opinion expressed is purely that of the author.