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Inside A Brothel In India

India, is swamped with hundreds of multi-storey brothels. Noth­ing is in­her­ently im­pos­si­ble for a sex worker in India.

(CRS) If you here (on this site) and have visited Costa Rica, you have most likely experienced at least a few of the more than 100 ‘massage’ parlors in the city. If you haven’t, why not?

When compared to massage parlors around Latin America, they are pretty much the same. In Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and Cuba, all the places I can give you a first hand experience, they are all pretty much the same. With the exception of Cuba, you walk in, choose the girl(s) you are interested in, pay her, she comes back (sometimes feels like an eternity, what do they do that takes so long?) and down to business.


As to Cuba, since prostitution is illegal and massage parlors are illegal, the girls are on the street and nearby are ‘short time’ rooms to get down to business.

Although some have commented (to me personally and on forums) their experiences were awful, just take a look at what happens in places like India.

This is a pictorial of what clients and the women live through. Glad I am not there, though Indian women are hot. OK, not the ones in these photos.

Inside in a brothel in India, is shocking and sad!  The life of these women is really tormenting, a lifestyle not healthy for anyone, where from the age of twelve are forced to become prostitutes for to earn their keep.

In Kandapara women chasing their customers to meet a daily quota.


Peter, on Peter’s Big Adventure has this to say on his visit to Kamathipura: Mumbai’s Notorious Red-Light District, “It all gives me the heebie-jeebies to think about.”  And the photos to make his point.

tumblr_mhgsl2wxyf1rkotcoo1_1280 india66



Noth­ing is in­her­ently im­pos­si­ble for a sex worker in India.



Silent tears within the brothel walls.



The children of these women are born, grow and repeat the cycle.



India, is swamped with hundreds of multi-storey brothels.







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