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Why Men Are Obsessed With Breasts

This New Theory Finally Explains Why & It Makes A Lot Of Sense

What is it, really, about breasts that makes every man go crazy? Why are we men so obsessed with breasts? While women have been trying to find the answer to it since ages, there’s finally a guy who has come up with a scientific theory to back us up here.


Yes, we men love breasts and we have a bloody good reason to think about them all the time. No, we’re not saying it, science is.

According to a detailed study by neuroscientist Larry Young, the human evolution has led to a neural circuit that works on the same lines between couples as between a mother and her child.

Basically, both the bonds use a very similar brain circuit to function. Just like babies love breasts, men too, have evolved to love breasts. Read on to know how.


And let's not us forget that women are interested in other women's breasts too!
And let’s not us forget that women are interested in other women’s breasts too!

When a woman breastfeeds her baby, a neurochemical oxytocin, also called the love drug, is released in her brain to direct her attention towards the baby.Nipple stimulation affects the same part of the brain as vaginal stimulation and thus it can be said that the neurochemical oxytocin released while breast feeding also causes sexual arousal in women, making her focus on her partner during the sexual act.

Simply put, stimulation of breasts makes it easier for a man to turn a woman on.

This has led to the evolution of men, making them instinctively love breasts.There you go!

So, the next time a woman objects to your incessant love for breasts, you know what to say!


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